Friday, June 8, 2007

Pan's Labyrinth and Pink Floyd Goodness

OK, so I finally saw Pan's Labyrinth yesterday night with Jesse J and Miranda, and holy crap! Definitely an awesome movie! It had this totally surreal feel going on the whole time, and I was diggin' it! I think leaving it in Spanish and adding the English subtitles made it better than if they had tried to dub it into English. Definitely not a kid's movie though--the violence in that movie was kinda extreme! Definitely worth a look though, for all who haven't seen it yet. On another note, yesterday I spoke with Eroc, the lead singer/bass player for Wish You Were Here (the best Pink Floyd tribute band around today) and he wants me to help with more promo stuff for their upcoming shows. So if anyone is interested, I will be getting some posters, flyers, and handbills soon--just let me know if you want some, or know anyone I should hook up with some stuff. Trust me, these guys rock- just ask Kris or Jesse J--they've both been to a few shows and can attest to WYWH's rocking-ness (that's right, I created a new word.)

Wish You Were Here's Official Website

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