Monday, April 23, 2007

A beautiful weekend

Friday I had the day off and it turned out to be a beautiful weekend out here. I picked Kylar up early in the afternoon with Miranda on Friday but not before stopping at DQ for a few French Vanilla Moo-Lates. (They are delicious might I add) Saturday we went out to Edgewater park and Kylar played on the beach and walked around in the water. Took some pictures and I will try and get those up on his site soon. Sunday had to be the nicest day this year (weather wise) and we went out to the Hinkley metro park for a walk. After that, headed out to Lodi park and we ended up running into our friends Ben and Krista. Chilled with them for a bit and headed back to relax and finish the day out.

Make your own TV station (well almost)

Make your own soda

Have a look at the Making of Star Wars

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