Thursday, April 19, 2007

Warranty woes

I was listening to the radio this morning (99.5 wgar) and they were talking about extended warranty's and how they can end up not helping you out. An example would be you buy a refrigerator from Best Buy and you pay for the extended warranty. Lets say it decides to break on you (inside of the extended warranty) and you call up the number they give you on your warranty, which they then refer you to a company that is close in your area to repair the fridge. You call the company and tell them your fridge is broke and you have the extended warranty plan. That instantly tells them they are going to take their good ol' time to come out and probably won't be out to fix it for a few weeks to even a month. The reason being, is because with those warranty's they have to fill out paper work and send it out to collect their money which can take a while. Where as if you don't mention anything about a warranty (or you don't have one), they will probably be there the next day or so because they know they are getting paid right away, whether it be cash, check, credit, etc... So the moral of the story is don't mention anything about a warranty until the very end of your call, AFTER the appointment has been made to repair it. While I have not experienced this myself, just a few words I thought I might pass on to help a warranty buyer out. If anyone has experienced this type of issue before, please feel free to comment.

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