Thursday, April 26, 2007

Do you RSS?

I am a huge fan of RSS. If you are not using it, you obviously don't know how to find the information you want on the web quickly and effectively. I prefer Google Reader because it's web based, their is no software to install, it's easy to navigate, and if you already use G-mail or another Google utility/application then you already have it. This page would be a good place to get started on how to use RSS. It's a video that explains it as simple as possible and also gives you a sort of visual representation of how it works. Below is a screen shot of my Google Reader on a feed from CNN's website. Also, on the right side of this blog are the items in my RSS that I share and have fed to this blog, so with the reader you can always mark it as a favorite and/or share it and can always come back to the story, just like a bookmark/favorite in your web browser.

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